Corona-Test to go: The fastest and most uncomplicated method of self-diagnosis is a so-called gargle or saliva test. You're already on the go to your next appointment or don't want to miss your train? With this practical test kit, the result can be read after just 10 to 20 minutes. Even those who find a nasal or throat swab unpleasant will appreciate this test concept, which requires only a small saliva sample. The test method has already proven itself in the professional field: In medical facilities, saliva tests are used in the daily routine testing of staff. However, because taking a sample of saliva is so simple, such a gargle test can also be carried out quite safely and without error by nonmedical personnel at home. Just spit into the cup, mix, shake, test, cross your finger and wait - the instructions for use explain in detail how it works.




Product Details: Antigen Rapid Test (Saliva), KLT Health Group
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